Uncover ways to optimize your production efficiency

Enjoy a 30-day, zero-commitment free trial of StateMonitor, the software for collecting, visualizing and analyzing your machine data. StateMonitor gives you real-time insight into your machine-tool processes along with detailed data analysis. 

The free trial license includes full software functionality and connectivity for up to five CNC machines using any control.

The StateMonitor software lets you collect, visualize
and analyze your machine data.

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Monitor machine performance from anywhere

Know from anywhere whether your machine is running, idling or malfunctioning: from the front office, during unattended shifts, or in multi-machine operation.

Access tool data in the front office  

Conveniently access the pocket and tool tables of your machines from the front office. Then use this information to track your actual tool usage amounts.

Shorten your response times

Set up immediate e-mail notifications for yourself and others when malfunctions and other configurable events of interest occur.

Uncover optimization potential

Compare and analyze machine-specific metrics and messages in great detail.

Plan servicing exactly when it's needed

Plan and manage servicing based on operating times and maintenance intervals in order to reduce costs.

Collect and analyze job data

Determine your job costs based on real-world setup and production times to detect inaccurate planning.

How can I receive a StateMonitor trial license?



Contact the Digital Shop Floor user desk:
+49 8669 31-5000, user-desk@heidenhain.de, or fill out our contact form


Let us know what you need

We'll have a conversation to hear your wishes and expectations about gathering machine and production data.




Determine your system requirements

Together, we'll determine the system requirements of your particular production environment.


Receive and install the software

You'll receive an e-mail with a download link for installing the software onto your network.


Test the software

You can test StateMonitor for 30 days in your production environment. We're happy provide support as needed.


Yes, the 30-day trial license for the StateMonitor machine-data collection software is free and noncommittal.

The trial license gives you full functionality of the HEIDENHAIN StateMonitor software for up to five connected machines.

If you have any questions during the trial period, your Digital Shop Floor Sales representative will be glad to help. Or simply contact the Digitial Shop Floor user desk: +49 8669 31-5000 or user-desk@heidenhain.de

The trial period begins when you install the software and expires automatically after 30 days. You do not need to actively cancel. Of course, you can order the paid version of StateMonitor anytime.

We'll send you a download link for the full version of the software per e-mail. The 30-day trial license is included in the download. You simply install the software onto a server in your corporate network.

You can continue to use the collected data if you choose to order StateMonitor at the end of the trial period. If you do not order it, then you will lose access to StateMonitor and the collected data.

You can connect machine tools from any manufacturer. HEIDENHAIN controls can be connected via HEIDENHAIN DNC. You can also connect your control through OPC UA, MTConnect, FOCAS and Modbus TCP. If your machine lacks native support for any of these interfaces, you can still connect via additional hardware (PLC).

StateMonitor saves your machine and production data to your on-site server in the corporate network. A cloud connection is not necessary.

Do you have questions about the StateMonitor trial license or our software solutions for machine-data collection? We're glad to help!

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